Terms and Conditions for Video Editors

  1. Availability and Time-off Requests:
    • Video editors are expected to be present online for work on all days except Fridays. Any requests for additional time off or vacations must be communicated to the company at least two days in advance via email to [email protected].
  2. Skill Point Promotion:
    • Each video editor will receive a promotion upon reaching every 100 skill points.
  3. Production Targets and Incentives:
    • Short video editors, specializing in Curvy, Body Positivity, Short News, and Reels content, are required to deliver a minimum of 100 videos per month.
    • Failure to meet the 100-video requirement may result in a slight reduction in payment.
    • Editors who produce 100 or more videos will receive additional points and commissions.
    • Editors surpassing 130 videos in a month will be compensated for overtime beyond the 130-video mark.
  4. Employment Compensation:
    • In the event that Xeo IT halts work without notice, employees will be compensated for the duration of the halt, excluding scheduled off days.
    • If Xeo IT provides notice of work stoppage, the company will not be held responsible for the mentioned duration in the notice.
    • All notices regarding work stoppages will be sent via email and published on the company’s notice page at www.xeoit.com/notice.
  5. Project Submission Requirement:
    • Editors must submit project videos on a weekly basis. Failure to submit project videos renders the work unacceptable.
  6. Policy Amendment Rights:
    • Xeo IT reserves the right to modify the policies, either partially or fully, as deemed necessary.