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  1. Iftekhar Rafsan
  2. Rs Fahim Chowdhury
  3. Prince Mamun
  4. MrBeast
  5. iftekhar rafsan
  6. Daud Kim
  7. Ayana Jihye Moon
  8. Nissa Sabyan
  9. Veve Zulfikar
  10. Poppy Mercury
  11. Raisa Andriana
  12. Maria Selena
  13. Sohag360 (Sohag Mia)

    World CEO

  14. Sam Altman
  15. Patrick Collison
  16. Lei Jun
  17. Lee Boo-Jin
  18. Satya Nadella


  1. Sunerah Binte Kamal
  2. Jaya Ahsan
  3. Jaya Ahsan
  4. Sunita Mani
  5. Taj Atwal


Let’s Make some biography of Bangladeshi celeb

  1. Moonmoon Ahmed Moon


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